Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bleach 357 Spoiler

Barragan releases his "death breath" everywhere.
After seeing a building rot away from it Soi Fon tells Omaeda to run and starts to run herself.
Soi Fon becomes furious after watching her arm rot away because of the death breath.
She asks Omaeda to cut off her left arm.

Soi Fon:

"Omaeda! Cut off my left arm!"


"Do you want me to die?"

Her left arm is cut off.

The scene changes to Hitsugaya.

Hitsugaya: "Your water can't compete with my ice type zanpakutou!! It can all be used as my weapon!!"

Halibel: "Really?"

Hitsugaya releases his ice dragon but it is overwhelmed by Halibel's water.

It ends with Hitsugaya being blown away by a direct hit from a piece of his own ice.

Nothing is confirmed yet until the pictures are released. Bear with this first.

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