Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Port Dickson Outing with Special Privileges People

Few weeks ago, I was invited by a few friends for an outing with special privileges people to Port Dickson. I had no reason to reject it, even though I didn't know how will my schedule be.

Since it was from Rachel's friends, we decided to tag along Jolene. and from there, Jolene tagged along Pietro from Mix Fm.

The outing happened on last Saturday. My beloved friends; Mei mei, Jun How, Jui Wan and their friends chartered a bus and picked the special privileges people from Seremban to Port Dickson. Then, Pietro decided to drive us to Port Dickson from KL. It was very nice of him. Having a "live" Pietro in the car was 10 times more entertaining than the radio.

When we reached, everyone had already starting to play at the beach.

The super smart me, forgot to bring extra clothes and towels. So I could only watch from the beach and snapping pictures with my DSLR and compact camera.


Everyone was so happy playing water by seaside. By noon, everyone went to the shaded area under the trees to have lunch. Before the lunch, one of them wanted to dance the chicken dance song. So then Rachel and Jolene joined the group and started dancing with them. Later, we also sang John Lennon's Imagine.

I felt so useless there, only helping carrying things and distributing foods around while Jolene and Rachel busy feeding them. Some couldn't speak properly, and some has hard time eating. I felt that we were so fortunate and yet we complained about our lives everyday.


After lunch, we stayed on with them for another few hours before we left. We left home with big smiles in our heart.

I would like to thank again to Mei mei, Jui Wan and Jun How for the invite. I will be looking forward for the orphanage visit next month. May god bless you all for your honesty, your courage, your kindness and your never ending love givings. I felt so ashamed as I have done much lesser than you guys.

God bless you all

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