Saturday, May 16, 2009

Salsa @ Little Havana


It could been weeks or even months. I had not been salsa dancing socially for that long. We decided to go for salsa dancing at Little Havana, a salsa haven on Friday nights. Trust me, I was rusty. I was unprepared. I let Racheal Tan flying spinning around the dance floor. Yet, she survived the bumps and the heels. She could only said, "Wilson, harder!" I was like, "Are you sure?" However, another salsa friend, Tammy got unlucky. The girl dancing beside us decided to do a styling which basically slapped on her face. Ouuuch.... Darling Rachel had fun today. She was dancing with lots of guys. Well, for me still needs lots of practise.

Will go to Little Havana next Friday again? Maybe?

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