Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bleach 364 Spoiler

Source: BA
Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Cezaria

The progress seems epic this time

Wonderweiss with the huge thing that was with Aizen before)
Wonderweiss attacks Ukitake. Don! "Impossible..." (WW's hand tore through Uki's back)

Shunsui, after seeing, slashes at WW, but at that time, Stark shoots him in the back.

The two of them (Uki and Shunsui) falls to the ground, and Stark looks on.

"Sorry. Seems like Aizen-sama wants to hurry this up, sending out Wonderweiss. Nothing personal..."

Wonderweiss cries a very powerful battle cry. (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

From inside the ice mountain, Harribel is seen with a mean/scary look on her face.

And the form of Barragan is seen standing amongst the smoke. Soifon looks shocked (Cez: I think)

Kira calls to Koma, "Leave this to me, please go, Taichou"
In the next second, the fire prison disappeared in the blink of eye, and the 3 people are there.

Kira: "Is it over...?"

Aizen steps forward

"Wait! Long time no see, Aizen!"

With that, the vizards have arrived.


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