Sunday, June 28, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

Its my 4th run of the year. Even though I'm not getting really good timing but I do still enjoy them.

Went there early this time around. Reached there around 6.15 am, got myself a good parking spot. We were basically stretching around and warmed up a bit before the run. Huge crowd for 10km run, thousands! Love big huge crowd turnouts.


Then, we saw Spiderman and took a picture with him.


Crowds getting ready to start....

Started well, ran quite far until I stop and sprint again... Saw Celine and Evo somewhere, queuing for loo..


Reaching Jalan Duta... By the time of 5km, many started to walk... I got a slight pain on my tummy, so I started to slow down...


Reaching finishing line... OMG! Can you see the mom with the baby...


Finished the race 1h 43 min. My personal best time ever... I could do better next time around!


Me, Rachel and my cousins...


Rachel did 1hr 20 min, her best time as well...

Bumped to lots of friends in this marathon. Jason of, Kennysia, Celine, Evo and my high school friends.

Can't wait for the next run!

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