Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bleach 365 Spoiler (with Pictures)!


We see the reactions of the shinigami and aizen's group.
Hisagi, breathing faintly, stares at Kensei.
Hirako says there are people from the gotei 13 he wanted greet after such a long time, but not everyone is there.
Lisa silently goes over to Kyouraku.
She steps on his head and asks how long he's going to pretend he's dead. Then she presses down with her foot.
Kyouraku tells her she's gotten pretty in the time he hasn't seen her. She kicks him away in disgust.
Kyouraku: "I'm glad your healthy!" "Fool!" "...Really..." (Seems like they're talking about the past?)
Hirako go to Yama-jii and asks if he's let go of his past grudge. To Aizen he says matters are different with him.
Hacchi creates a barrier room(?)
The 1st Division VC looks at it and finally goes in. At first he's hesitant, but then goes in to watch the progress of the battle.
Yama-jii asks if he can consider them allies.
"We are not your allies. We are Aizen's enemies. In truth, we're Ichigo's allies." He returns to the vizards.
WW screams and a large number of gillians come out of Superchunky's mouth.
The vizards all don their masks.
Rose's is like a bird. Love's is like a demon/ogre. Lisa's has a cross in it. Hacchi's is like Nel's fraccion with the big face.



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