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Bleach 368 Spoiler and Naruto 458 Spoiler

Bleach 368 Spoiler
: Bleachasylum
Credits: CG

Comment: I understood the spoiler a bit differently, but whatever.

Sorry, I kept you waiting
ヒジキ 隊長を連れ戻す!? 
Hisagi: 'Bring my taichou back!'

盲目 お前は本当の恐怖を知らないからそんな事をいえるんだ
Tousen: 'You can say such a thing only because you don't know true terror. I'll teach you what true terror is!'

WWとマシろ 白キーックが顔面にあたり吹っ飛んだ所で
WW and Mashiro: Mashiro tries to kick him right in the face
We go back to Hallibel and the chibi children
素人とひよりは どっちがちびかとの言い争いで(つっこみ2人)リサがハリベルとタイマンへ
Hitsu and Hiyori start arguing: 'Who ya callin' chibi?!' (they both retort)) Lisa goes into one-on-on battle with Hallibel

髑髏の方へ  結界師があなたの弱点はわかってますと余裕で結界で包囲するが       
髑髏 ?鬼門?も老いがあるとは知らなかったのか?と結界を破って
We move to the skeleton.
The barrier user says: 'Untill I know your weakness, I'll be simply keeping you inside a barrier.'
The skeleton: '? Demon's gate? What, you didn't know that everything ages?'
With this he tears the barrier.

The barrier user turns pale and that's the end of the chapter.

Naruto 458 Spoiler
Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Stream

Yamato on the cover

Those who created the mercenary organization called Akatsuki were advisors of different countries. They were making money (earth kage).
They stopped that, and it is unknown what they are doing now (5th mizukage)
(It's the fault of the 4th mizukage... Here, the 5th reveals the 4th was likely manipulated by someone)
The sand tried to use Akatsuki to destroy Konoha (Gaara's father)
The hokage says they are sure talking a lot (Danzou's shutting up)
The Raikage gets angry at the others kage
Those that could control bijuus were Madara, the first Hokage, the fourth Mizukage, and Killer Bee.

The neutral country gives an idea:
How about an alliance of the five countries?
With the hokage, whose country still has the bijuu as supreme commander?
The Raikage says "what!?" and it stops there.

We see the face of the 4th mizukage (nice man) when they talk of people able to control bijuus. Wasn't that supposed to be Tobi? At least Kisame said so (didn't say it was the 4th though, might have been the 3rd)

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