Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gifts from Los Angeles

My younger brother's fiancee just came back from Los Angeles recently. To our surprise, my young brother, Chun Seong bought us gifts again.

I felt really bad as I only got him a sweater while he bought so many things for us. At times, I felt that I didn't do enough as his older brother.

The gifts were nicely wrapped hinting, its more to his fiancee's work than his.


He really know what I loved.... My first Naruto T-shirt...


The movie that kept us arguing, the Tropic Thunder!!!


... and he bought Rachel a Coach bag. Rachel was over the moon. She was looking for a similar bag for sometime...

The gifts meant a lot to me, not because the value but the overall intention of it. I wish that I can come to LA soon.

I'm glad and blessed to have such loving talented younger brother. I hope he keep on working hard and all the best!

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EVo said...

Tropic thunder. stupid but damn funny show LOL