Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Lurve Affair with My Life

lurve title

Everyone has their own Lurve affair.... but I HAVE MORE...

Before I start about my Lurve affair.. let's talk about Lurve... Lurve is one of the snacks I preferred due to no trans-fat and its made of multigrain chips. Not to mention 3 lovely flavours to choose from; Seaweed Nori, Hot 'N Spicy and my favourite French Onion.

I had been in Lurve for the past few months....


Lurve during my movies session. Either Movie Premiere invites or me and my wife favourite movies sessions.


Lurve taking photos of my wife and my best friends' Para Para Paradise Dance Session.


In case I ran out of Lurve, I always shop for restock....


We, husband and wife loves to travel. I always remember to have Lurve to keep our driving fun and easy!


A hardcore Transformers collector like me, Lurve to keep my collections in Lurve.


Passion alone is not enough to motivate me to write a food blog. A little bit of Lurve will do.


Of course, my Lurve for my cousin sister who just got married recently.

family n friends

My Lurve for my family and friends. Without their Lurve, I'm could never been happier....


Lastly, my eternal Lurve for my Lurvely wife, Rachel...

Lurve is never been enough, let's share Lurve for more Lurve....

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Anonymous said...

LURVE U TOO!!! *tsl*