Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Chic Sunday @ Mont Kiara

Last Sunday, I was at the Super Chic Sunday at Mount Kiara. As a loyal listener of Mix Fm, me and my wife were there to support the Serena C's Super Chic Sunday.

super chick sunday

Well, of course Serena C didn't know me or my wife personally, but for the sake of charity, it worth the trip.


Many items were auctioned off at reasonable price. There were some performances by the artists as well.

super chick

Jolene, me and Rachel....

While watching the auction, Rachel got herself a nice white pants. It was Serena C's Island Shop white pants. She got it for RM 10 only. What a steal! (Though I asked Rachel to double check for "lubang" and stains). For those who were not there, you guys missed the bargain and the show.

At the end of the day, the event managed to raise RM 10,000! It was a huge and great effort!

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EVo said...

Taiko! wasted u were there for awhile only la..tot we could hang out or something after the event. Next time ok?