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Bleach 371 Spoiler

Spoiler Trans by CG
About the title...

From King's reminiscence we learn that
かつて王だった王様いきなり3人のオールバック。糸目。盲目 が参上
he was a king before, but suddenly there were 3 people appearing before him - Aizen, Gin and Tousen.
王 おお~暇で暇でしょうがない所によくきた~お前らが来なかったら
King: Oh! I always have totally nothing to do, so I'm glad you came. If you hadn't come I'd've probably divided my army in 2 and made them fight each other [from total boredome]
オールバック この刀をみてくれ
Aizen: Look at this this blade
王      なんだ~?
King: What, excuse me?
オールバック ここから俺についていけば~色々かえてやるぞ~
Aizen: If you follow me, I'll change all this
王      貴様の作る世界などいらん~
King: I don't need the world you're trying to create
オールバック あなたの世界はもうこんなですよ?
Aizen: But your world has already become like this
[The scene] changes into the world where Gin and Tousen instantly killed all his subordinates.
The king submits
しかし オールバックを殺すのはワシ常にお前の命を狙ってやる~
    俺が王なんだ~お前を殺すのはこのワシ!!! アイゼンソウスケ!!
But I'll always be after your life. I'm King! I'll be the one to kill you, Aizen Sousuke!
The king's dissappearing, but Aizen takes no notice of his death.
スターク No2が死んでも一言も無しか…
Stark: Segunda's dying and he still hasn't uttered a word...
ハリベル …
Hallibel: ...
スターク やるせないね~  弔い合戦じゃないですがこちらもそろそろはじめますか~
Stark: What an unforgivable thing to do... Even though it's not exactly battle of revenge, we better start it anyway
っていった所で完です あんま進まないね
With these words the chapter ends. Not a lot of plot development we got here.

んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/08/25(火) 21:39:58

勧誘をきょひった時に お前の世界はもうこんなんだよと 術を解かれ
Probably at the moment when Aizen was showing Barragan his sword, Gin and Tousen just stood quietly and did nothing, but it was Kyouka Suigetsu technique and it was already too late as the slaughter was currently taking place, so by the time of Aizen's invintation and Barragan's 'I don't need the world you're trying to create' the image was real - Barragan returned to his former world where all his subordinates had been atrociously killed.

At least I think so

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