Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Naruto 461 Spoiler

Verificaton: confirmed
from naruto verse:
will update/delete this post as soon as i found better script or if i find this fake.
seems legit.

English script roughly translated by narutoverse

Sasuke starts to attack on Raikage
Then Sasuke got blown out by Suiton Jutsu (Water Encampment Wall), then he uses the lightning element jutsu to attack.
Subordinate one: The information is correct. He has natural affinity on lightning element.
Subordinate two: He can use fire element jutsu too. Don't forget to use Suiton Jutsu for defense.
Suigetsu: Oh. Who leak out the information of Sasuke?

Subordinate two: Have to stop his movement. Raiton Flashlight Jutsu (similiar to Solar Flare in DragonBall)
Juugo gets hit. Sasuke eats a fist from Raikage.
Sasuke breaks the genjutsu. Suigetsu blocks the attack from Raikage.
Suigetsu: If not me, your elbow has already broken.

Scene changes to the meeting room
Ao is watching on Danzou. Tsuchikage is waiting and the girl beside him says that she would like to see the guy who kill Deidara.
Gaara has no response.

Scene changes back to Sasuke
Subordinate two: There is another one here. Once I find the guy, I leave it to you.
Juugo: That guy is chakra sensing type.
Juugo releases the second level curse seal.

"Kill him"

Raikage: Don't get too furious!
The chapter ends.
Naruto is not shown up this week.

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