Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I Never Discriminate Garbage Collectors Or DBKL

I give this a thought, did I ever discriminate a garbage collector before? Seriously, NEVER.

In fact, during my younger years, where I stayed in the low cost housing area, I used to chase them with my rubbish bags. Low cost houses are very small, there's no place for garbage bin so we need to wait for the garbage truck and chase them.

Every Chinese New Year, my parents would pack some oranges and some snacks for them with angpau. We appreciate their work.

Lately, I adopted a dog. His name is called Bosco. We got it from our friends. His pictures are HERE. We loved this fella, been naughty but been quite a good boy. My parents loved the dog very much and offered to bribe us to give away Bosco, we resisted!

However, as cute as he may be sometimes he likes to play with his shits. Regardless, he also shits at the designated newspaper area in the house.

So then, every morning and evening, my job is to pick up his shits. Clean his shits and clean up the floor.

YES, I'm the official Shit Collector of my house.

I do wonder that I had enough shits with my work and go back have to pick up shits of my dog, Bosco.

Even though I loved Bosco very much, still FML!


Esther said...

haha, Bosco is cute... well, i guess, whatever you choose to do, there is a responsibility to it, right? =)

Deline said...

Hard work of picking up dog shits. We can appreciate the garbage collectors, and be humbled, just like yourself when you are humble enough to love and care for your dog, to do things just for the love of your dog.