Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Some Bloggers Hate Me So Much!

It has been a while since I've been hated.

Well, some might say this is another one of those EMO post I'm writing. Trust me, this is not.

I spoke to a blogger lately that relayed something that I would like to explain it here carefully.

First thing first. I'm not famous and I'm no where near the popular bloggers.

I started blogging in 2007, mainly trying to earn money from Payperpost. Later on, it becomes a passion to blog instead of writing junks for money. However, passion turns to the hunger to get attention and traffic seeker.

I make no reservation that I do envy some of the top bloggers, but I do understand the time and effort they put in their blog, I am no where near. It takes a lot of effort to build a strong blog, it needs time as well. However, I did a lot of effort to speed up the process. I tried too hard.

Moving to food blog was unintentional. With the help for fellow foodies, I got many invites and met many new bloggers and friends. So then, when I got my first invite from a restaurant thru my blog, I got too excited and too proud. Sadly, I abused the invites into "kiasu-ness" that make some to hate me. For that, I would make a sincere apology to all of them.

The second thing is my character. I love to share my views with people. Some might think I am trying to show off, but that's my character. It mights sounds like a brag, but it wasn't really. Some might also think that I'm too loud. For people that knows me as a friend, I am like that. I hope you all understand that I mean no harm. For example, my blog traffic. I hope you all don't make it an issue. Thanks.

Thirdly, my transformers collections that many collectors hate me. One thing they don't understand is, how much time, money and efforts I put into my collection. It's a passion that I couldn't really can explain. They still can keep on hating me for, I still have the vintages. Don't hate me because I have it, just hate me because you don't have it! :P

Lastly, the cold war. This cold war could be understand by certain foodies. I did make myself very clear that I would be neutral in this situation. I don't really care even if any party didn't invite me for food reviews. I treat u all as friends. I really hope you all understand and respect my stand on this.

Anyways, I hope you all reading this is could either to hate me lesser or hate me more.

Really sorry for hurting my fellow blogger friends.

Either way, I am still the hyper ego, Superwilson.


kenwooi said...

well.. i know i dont hate you..
anyway, just be yourself..
take care.. =)

joshuaongys said...


c0co said...

orang emo again norhx>.< emo for wat nehx??..ask me not to emo sendiri emo there==' chill la k^-^n~*

wen pink said...

some are true and some are not true.. not all famous bloggers are lansi.. (even though most of them is lansi)

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

to hell with other ppl..some are just jealous..haha...
eh where to see your transformers collection? i wanna see it..can show me the link? thanx a bunch

Spectre said...

food review also got cold war wan?

~XiAnG~ said...

I didnt hate youuu...
Dun emo lar...
be happy the world goes merry!!

manda_lew said...

I dont hate you..
and there's such things as Freedom of speech..
There's no way we can please everybody..
We just gotta accept the way it is and just live on with life..
My opinions ah.. up to u what to think =X
anyway, dont emo =) cheer up =)

David Jr said...

I guess with popularity comes the fans, good and bad. You shouldn't worry too much bro. Do what you enjoy doing most. There will be hate mail but look at it as a positive thingy.

Malaysia Asia

J2Kfm said...

just do what you think it's right.
after all, it's YOUR blog.
chill, ok?

Aidi-Safuan said...

wow...being a blogger is dangerous!

Tzy Wen said...

You can't please everybody, there's always bound to be someone out there who's trying to look for trouble. Just be yourself and your readers will appreciate it ;)

j0j0.joAnn said...

i dunno who r u==
i think i'm quite new in blogspot==
not reli tat new but quite
i started to blog in this year i guess...using blogspot==
b urself^

zool said...

Relax.. It's up to you what to write.. Sometimes it doesn't matter what they think

fatboybakes said...

awww, how can ppl hate you? you very likeable ma. yalar, chill la bro, blogging should be fun!