Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jun Jun Riko's Carlsberg Private Party with FHM GND Girls!

Yesterday, we were invited for a private party courtesy of Carlsberg with FHM Magazine's GND (Girls Next Door) by Jun Jun Riko. Riko won a Carlsberg contest earlier on to entitle her to invite 50 of her friends for this party. We were 2 of her 50 adored friends.

We reached Carlsberg Brewery at Shah Alam around 10pm. The crowd were already there and we didn't waste any time to mingle around with friends.

How do you know your friends love you?

They ask you to do a beer drinking contest. Nice friends right? Well, as you can see I can't really drink quick but I enjoyed the fun.

Like usual, the string of photo and camwhoring session will start at a party like this. Copykate, me, Hikaru and Jun Jun Riko.

Rachel enjoyed herself with her first Carlsberg of the night.

I guess it was wrong not to "shoot" the FHM GND. Hotties...

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