Monday, July 14, 2008


Roadblock in Cheras
Roadblock in Federal Highway....

Roadblocks.... Do we need so many roadblocks lately because of something is going to happen in Parliament today? There are no planned demonstrations or protest or something. Do the police need to roadblock the main roads for the whole weekend?

Look at the crime rate now... Its so high until Malaysia is no longer a safe place anymore. Houses now are guarded, gated or CCTVed. Why do we need all this nonsense if our place is safe?

Mat Rempits... How many robberies they have done but where are the roadblocks to get them? Snatch thieves, ATM robberies and car thefts... there are so many of them....

I think that we don't really mind if the roadblocks are for the sake of safety of the people here than for the usage of politics. Let them do their job.... that is to protect the safety of the people....

Home Minister today apologized for the jam. Story click HERE.

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